Hello and welcome at the website dedicated to a small little Italian car, called the Ghia 1500 GT.

Its has been our idea to see if we can make a world wide connection with other owners of this rare model.

The information that comes in bit by bit, will be placed on this website. Although it might take some time for me to make it ready to go online.

The state is at the moment as follows :

  • The photo section is updated.
  • Currently the site is only available in English.
  • A new (spammer free) Guest-book is up and running
  • The Forum section is added and functional. Members can add themselfes and add their car information in there as well.
  • The in the Forum entered car information should be retreivable in a seperate database, in progess
  • The information Section should hold all information we have, maybe you have papers, photos, faxes, data that we can use to try and recreate the history of this car
  • Links, well not sure what to put in there, cause I don't know of any other Website at this time sharing information on the Ghia 1500 GT. But maybe there could be some Ghia related matter or links to FIAT site. Also this is open for discussion.
  • I also found some factory pictures online.
  • In the Information section there will be a complete IPC of the Ghia 1500 GT available soon.

All things will take some time and it will be a long, slow process to get all information that is out there, gathered here on this website.

But with the help of other owners, we might make a very nice history site out of this.


Rgds Max

Webmaster Ghia1500GT.com